Pizhou Jianyou Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.is a professional company specializing in the interior and exterior decoration design and construction of offices, commercial buildings, factories, shops, bars, KTVs, internet cafes, and other spaces. Adhering to the principles of reasonable pricing and prioritizing quality, the company is committed to creating a leading innovative enterprise. Their main services include light steel keel ceiling design and construction, as well as partition wall design and construction. They cater to various needs, such as factory decoration, office building decoration, and commercial space decoration. They supply a wide range of products, including various models of lightweight partition boards, lightweight fireproof partition boards, suspended ceilings, aluminum alloy keels, T-shaped, U-shaped baked paint keels, ceiling keels, light steel keels, gypsum boards, mineral wool boards, cement boards, calcium silicate boards, fiberglass boards, and other related products.

With many years of experience in the decoration and construction industry, the company has accumulated rich decoration experience and gathered a large number of industry elites. Their innovative design, high-quality materials, fair pricing, reliable construction quality, and excellent after-sales service have earned them a good reputation within the industry and support from various sectors of society. In recent years, they have undertaken projects such as hotels, airport terminals, passenger stations, theaters, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and interior renovations, demonstrating a customer-centric approach from pre-sales consultation, distribution, design, installation, and after-sales service.

In the face of fierce competition in the market, quality is their lifeblood, integrity is their tenet, and high-quality service is the core competitiveness of their team. Therefore, they keep pace with the times, work doubly hard, strive for perfection, and meet customer demands for design and construction services, aiming to gain recognition from their extensive clientele. Additionally, they supply various brands of light steel keels, baked paint keels, and gypsum boards, such as Taishan gypsum boards, Sheetrock gypsum boards, Knauf  gypsum boards, etc. They undertake projects for gypsum board ceilings, light steel keel gypsum board partitions, mineral wool board ceilings, aluminum clip-in ceilings, and provide one-stop decoration, construction, and installation services nationwide.

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